Texas-based artist Zarina Karapetyan makes abstract, technical, and conceptual artwork that are created within a spiritual and intuitive process. Using emotion, meditation, and intuition, she sustains a spiritual and sensitive quality throughout different materials and concepts. By fusing insight and intuition she sustains a narrative, and retains a feeling through form.  

Zarina lives and works in her studio in Dallas, Texas. Often working with many different mediums and textures to create fresh new approaches to each piece. Additionally, she travels and produces special collections of artwork in secluded environments. There, often in solitude, she shocks her creative system by forging most materials and works intuitively with the land with no original plan. These works are often “birthed” from intuition and spontaneity. Working on-site through completion of the work, these pieces ultimately remain connected with the atmosphere they are composed in. These special intuitive collections have been create in all parts of the world, Italy, France, and Iceland.